S T O R Y !

Founded in July of 2010, A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group began as a simple blog. It’s purpose was to serve as a platform for creative expression for it’s founder Aquaus Kelley.

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A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group symbolizes the determination to succeed at whatever it is we love to do in life! We strive to push culture forward and believe that all of humanity should have an opportunity to achieve their most passionate aspirations.

While at the 2015 SF Music Tech Summit, Livia Tortella, Founder of Black Box and former President of Warner Bros. Records spoke on a panel covering the topic of visual branding. At this summit, Livia mentioned the following, “Branding is the business around an identity.” Since hearing this statement, it has always stuck with us. To this day, we have come to believe that branding is all about the mark that we as individuals look to leave on the world around us.

We believe that we are all brands because we are all here to leave a mark on the world! Marketing to us is more about strategy while branding is about consistency, legacy, and long-term impact. Although we are suckers for strategy and tactics, we are ultimately here for the sole purpose of helping to build meaningful, significant, and transformational brands!

– A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group

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