The lovely young ladies over at 2dopebitches.com, Aja & Norma have been hard at work for quite some time now. Although I must admit that I am a few days late, (I was quite busy this past weekend helping to prepare and facilitate for our 11th Annual Dynamic Producer Conference in NYC), I am proud to announce the masterpiece entitled, “A Collection of Classics” curated by 2DOPEBITCHES themselves.

“The Collection” consists of an assortment of vintage pieces, original and handmade jewelry, and reworked one of a kind items. From unique headpieces to vintage tees and tons of incredible women’s clothing items, “The Collection” aims to inspire and motivate women to take fashion and self expression to another level. Through their unique styling and presentation, 2DOPEBITCHES want to spread their vision. Thus, 2DOPEBITCHES presents to you, “The Collection.”

Be sure to swing by WWW.SHOPTHECOLLECTION.NET to check out everything in its entirety. Also, pick up a few items for yourself…you deserve it!!!







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