The Honors Program, Maiya Norton, and Cool Weirdo Music Present: Community Theatre

This past Tuesday August 28, 2012, I finally decided to check out Community Theatre at Fontana’s in NYC. Just last week, I had the chance of meeting the homie Peter Hadar at The Fader Magazine Issue 81 Release Party. We had a good conversation on a wide variety of topics including music and many other things pertaining to both popular and unpopular culture.

I have always been both an avid fan and supporter of Peter Hadar since I initially heard the track “Planets” off of his “Well Dressed For The Art Show” project in 2008. Since then, I have been waiting for the right opportunity to catch him live. It just so happened that Tuesday night happened to be the perfect fit.

(Maiya Norton)

Along with Peter Hadar, additional appearances included the wonderful Teresa Jenee, Black Spade, and Beng Fang. The show was hosted by Maiya Norton with music by DJ Anthony Bones.

(Beng Fang)

(Black Spade)

(Peter Hadar)

(Teresa Jenee)


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