Behind The Beauty: Brittany Camacho

Although we do not know anything about makeup, we do know talent when we see it! When we came across the video below via one of our brands, We LOVE Hub City (@welovehubcity) on Instagram, not only were we introduced to the work of Brittany Camacho (@britni.__), we also took a liking to the the collaborative effort of all parties involved. This includes the fantastic makeup artist, Ashley Victoria (@ashleyvictoriamua), and the wonderful visuals by Elisee Jean-Pierre (@siiojp). By the way, the “SiiO” in Elisee’s Instagram handle stands for “Success In It’s Outcome.” Don’t worry readers, you’re not alone, we LOVE it too!

We’re looking forward to seeing the future growth of Ashley, Britni, and Elisee. Who knows, we may end up working together in some capacity in the near future. We would love to see Britni in an Adidas campaign. Only time and effort can tell!


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