What Is Our Competitive Advantage?

“The sooner we figure out what our competitive advantage is, the more likely we are to be able to compete” says Tai Lopez. It seems quite simple, doesn’t it? Well…lets get started!

The first question that we may want to begin asking ourselves is, “What is our career destiny?” It’s important that we know ourselves and know where we need to go in an effort to showcase our competencies, skills, and talents. However, before we do this, we must conduct a pretty intense evaluation when it comes to running our own self-assessment. In reference to Friedrich Nietzsche, “As extraordinary individuals, we should all seek to rise above the crowd.”

Eulerian Destiny

Tai talks a lot about identifying what he calls our “Eulerian Destiny.” Our Eulerian Destiny gives us hints as to what our competitive advantages are as well as our potential career destiny. The Eulerian Destiny chart consists of 5 circles, each of which asks one of the following questions:

1. Who and what did we grow up around?

2. What did we want to be when we were 14 years old?

3. What have we been doing for the past 10 years?

4. What do strangers, or even people who don’t like us compliment us on?

5. What can we talk at length about with our friends?

As I mentioned in a previous post of mine, When I was a child, I was infatuated with architecture and construction. My siblings and I grew up in a working class family in the New Brighton section of Staten Island, NY. I was always amazed at how structures were built and developed. More than anything else, I loved playing with legos. The idea of connecting tiny little pieces of plastic together in an effort to form a finished product is what enamored me the most. As I had grown older, I eventually gravitated over to drawing, playing sports, and creating music.

When I was 16 years old, I made the decision to quit playing football. Deep down inside, I knew that continuing to play football was not going to be a suitable career path for me to follow. One thing that I have always possessed was a strong sense of following my intuition. I would find myself repeating this same scenario again when I attended Middlesex County College as a Freshman in 2005. This time, I decided that it was not in my best interest to continue pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering. Although it was something that as I child I believed I wanted to do when I got older, my interests at the time gravitated elsewhere. From here, I would continue on a path that would lead me to obtaining my Associate in Fine Arts Music degree from Middlesex County College. A few years later, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Rutgers University.

Today, my creative outlet is essentially a combination of all of my childhood endeavors. I may no longer build blocks, connect legos, create music, and play sports. However, I do build brands, connect people, identify talent, and create opportunities. Ultimately, I’m in the business of helping others to identify with the sense of their own “Lovers Ambition” in regards to achieving something of significance and value in their lives.


(Uh • Kway • Us) Aquaus Kelley is a forward-thinking Brand Strategist, Educator, and Music Publisher. As the Founder of A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group, he specializes in identifying talent and creating opportunities for brand development, exposure, and growth. Aquaus has worked with companies and organizations such as Cornerstone Agency, City Year Miami, Universal Music Group, and W Hotels. He is extremely passionate about helping companies adapt to culture and building value between brands and their consumers centered around love. His ultimate mission is to use his influence to project positivity across the globe and invest in the collective future of society through the arts, education, entertainment, and leadership.

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