YAW – Hump Day

Last week as I was perusing through twitter on a routine hunt to connect with new faces, I came across a profile that included Artist Mgmt/DJ in the description. The person’s name happened to be Mike Cellucci. What happened next? Of course I had to reach out and inquire about some of the acts in which he manages.

The first act that he sent me is an MC named YAW (pronounce Yáo). I checked out his twitter and then clicked on a link to his bandcamp page. As soon as I heard ‘Cool‘, I wanted to listen to more. When I heard ‘The Office Fling‘, I was sold. It doesn’t take me long to identify talent once I encounter it. YAW has the ability to tell magnificent stories that everyday people can relate to. He verbally paints pictures that stick vividly to ones mind. His latest project is entitled, Hump Day and specifically discusses the interaction between male and female regarding a variety of issues; dating, courting, relationships, infidelity, etc.

Sit back, vibe out, and enjoy!

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