Bob Safian – Catching Up With Fast Company

In 2008, I attended CUNY City College in New York, NY. At the time, one of my older sisters lived in Harlem. Her house was just a few blocks away from where I attended school. One afternoon, I was spending some time at her house in between a few classes of mine. As I was browsing through her magazine collection, I came across a title by the name of Fast Company. 7 years later, I’m still a fan of FastCo and all of the content that they offer on a daily basis. In fact, I just received the newest print issue yesterday in the mail.

In the latest installment of ‘Innovation Crush‘, Chris Denson interviews Fast Company’s Editor-In-Chief, Bob Safian. In the course of 50 minutes, they make time to discuss a plethora of topics pertaining to business, creativity, marketing, and innovation. If you’re a fan of what’s next to come in business, this one’s for you.


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