Khary Durgans – Self Centered/Twenty – 3

You know you’re on the right track when people can identify your music within minutes of listening. It’s even better when you’re an emerging artist from Rhode Island yet to gain mainstream recognition. It’s only a matter of time before a young 23 year-old MC by the name of Khary Durgans goes next level!

Do you know that feeling when you hear something special and everything else around you comes to a halt? As I was in the kitchen cooking dinner earlier this evening, that’s exactly what happened. I heard a very familiar voice projecting through my speakers in my living room. I had a pretty good idea who I thought it may be. Nonetheless, I still had to walk over to glimpse at the screen on my iPhone just to make sure. I was right. It was Khary and he just dropped some more heat with this one! It’s entitled, ‘Self Centered/Twenty.‘ You don’t believe me? Check it out yourself…I know one thing, I’m diggin’ it.


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