Highly Favored: The Winners Circle

On Saturday July 29, 2017, Wa Boogie of Highly Favored Clothing hosted her first event at Greenhouse Loft in Highland Park, New Jersey entitled, “The Winners Circle“. The Winners Circle aims to empower and inspire up and coming creatives to pursue their dreams and leverage their passions.

Moderated by Cat Peoples, the panel consisted of Jessica Franklin (Heygorjess), Gia Peppers, and Khalil Malamug who are all respectively building their own brands and creating their own lanes in the worlds of business, fashion, and media.

For more on this event as well as future events, please be sure to check out Highly Favored Clothing on Facebook for the latest. Ohhhhh…we almost forgot, “How can you look like the brother and sister duo in the photos wearing Highly Favored?”

…We got you covered, be sure to check out: highlyfavored3.com!!!


A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group is a brand development agency and content platform. We specialize in brand strategy, content development, and storytelling. With an emphasis on culture and lifestyle, the primary focus of A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group is to bridge the gap and build value between brands, communities, and culture. Our social mission is to leverage the influence of popular culture to create social change and invest in the collective future of society through the arts, education, entertainment, and leadership. We are driven by AMBITION, fueled by PASSION, inspired by INNOVATION, and suckers for STRATEGY!

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