Introducing: DTHINK.ORG

Are you looking to become a part of a creative revolution? Look no further!

Last Thursday August 15, 2013, DTHINK.ORG released it’s official Press Release.

Their Press Release entails a lot of exciting news for anyone who is interested in getting involved in helping to shape the future of creative thinking, innovation, and social change.

Please visit their site for a full rundown of the awesome services and workshops they will soon be providing!

Jenn Grant – I’ve Got Your Fire

Awesome record!!! I came across this song after conducting some pretty extensive research on the music from the TV show “Heartland.” Jenn had the title track to the shows first season a few years back. The track is entitled, “Dreamer.”

After perusing through her website in addition to checking out the website of her label, Six Shooter Records, I decided to check out some more of her music.

The result, Jenn Grant – “I’ve Got Your Fire.”

The hook is pretty infectious, enjoy!!!

– Aquaus Kelley