What is Behind The Hustle?

To answer this question, “Behind The Hustle” is an awesome initiative that I am super happy to have come across earlier today. It is a project designed by Creative Contraband and I actually came across it thanks to the likes of another creatively driven and forward thinking movement, Broccoli City.

All of these companies represent the culture and lifestyle that I am so proud to be apart of when it comes to art, education, entertainment, fashion, health, music, social issues, and empowering the youth.

If you’re like me, you will definitely appreciate this video!!!

– Aquaus Kelley

Calling All…People Who Aspire To Achieve!!!

::: #AspireToAchieve // #ALOVERSAmbition ::: Now it’s your turn. Upload a video and share with us your thoughts on these questions: What drives you? What do you aspire to achieve? What are you passionate about? What are you willing to … Continue reading