India Shawn + James Fauntleroy – Outer Limits

I remember when I first came across India Shawn back in 2012. In fact, my post of her debut project, Origin was on this very website. 12/6/2012 was the date. “Sinking In” and “I’m Alive” are still some of my favorite tracks to date. Fast forward 2 years and here we are today. India Shawn…James Fauntleroy…Outer Limits. What more can we ask for?

India embodies an essence which is somewhat ethereal. Her music is angelic. Her state of mind is deep. She’s curious about life, and she’s super creative in her artistic expression. Listen to “No Saint” and you may understand exactly where I’m coming from! For now, let’s allow her to do what she does best…take us to outer limits. Look out for the EP in March.


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