Why Is Content So Important?

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This past October 2017, I had the great honor and privilege of being interviewed by the CEO of NewsmodoRakhal Ebeli for their Brand Storytelling podcast. Throughout the course of our conversation, we spoke about my work in the fields of branding, content development, and education. In addition, we also discussed the importance of bridging the gap between brands, communities, and culture.

I was first introduced to the work of Newsmodo and Rakhal Ebeli after listening to their interview with Julian Mitchell on the topic of, “What Does “Content” Actually Mean?” After listening to this interview, I was inspired to compose a quick write-up on LinkedIn. My written piece was aimed at addressing the importance of building stories around the history of our products and services. As Julian mentioned in his interview with Rakhal, “The best brands in the world aren’t the companies or the products. It’s the spirit that represents the brand! Nike is a great brand that people purchase because it represents the spirit of any athlete that aspires to excellence.”

Here is my exact post:


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A few days after posting this article and sharing my thoughts, I connected with Katherine Auchterlonie who is the Digital Marketing Manager at Newsmodo. About one month later, after learning more about one another’s work, I received a message from Katherine asking me if I would be interested in joining Newsmodo as a guest on their Brand Storytelling podcast. Of course I said yes. More importantly, a key thing worth mentioning here goes as follows:

Due to this, I want to stress the importance of staying strong and true to the messages we believe in and subscribe to. For years I have been creating and developing content. Although my content may not get many eyeballs…yet, I take the eyeballs that my work does garner very seriously. The content I do have allows people from all areas of life to identify a touchpoint which they may be able to resonate with. This is why creating content is so important when it comes to building relationships and creating opportunities for ourselves and others. Every time we publish an article, podcast, video, etc…it’s an opportunity to either positively or negatively impact someone else’s life. I personally choose the former. As a result, my content is a reflection of my brand, character, personality, mission, and vision.

There are always experiences and stories we can share and tell. Those who decide to do so are usually those who end up creating an impact on the lives of others. This is my mission. I discuss this mission in further detail with Rakhal throughout the span of our 18 minute conversation. This conversation is being broadcasted from my home in New Brunswick, NJ and his workplace in Australia.

In this interview, I discuss my work with Behind The Hustle, Driven Society, and We LOVE Hub City. I also discuss my admiration for Gary Vaynerchuk and the importance of building brand one interaction at a time. In addition, I share how and when I was first introduced to Fast Company magazine and why I’m inspired by brands such as H&M, Ikea, Warby Parker, and TOMS. Lastly, I share how curating and remixing culture will continue to allow us to form more meaningful and impactful relationships throughout the course of the future.

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(Uh • Kway • Us) Aquaus Kelley is a forward-thinking brand strategist, curator, and educator. As the Founder of A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group, he specializes in identifying talent and creating opportunities for brand development and social impact. Aquaus has worked with companies and organizations such as Behind The Hustle, Cornerstone Agency, City Year Miami, and W Hotels. He is extremely passionate about bridging the gap and building value between brands, communities, and culture. His ultimate mission is to use his influence to project positivity across the globe and invest in the collective future of society through the arts, education, entertainment, and leadership.

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How Might We Discover Our Passion?

Are you currently asking yourself, “How do I discover my passion?” If so, then this post is just for you. Two weeks ago, I was listening to a 7 hour business mastery course and this very same question was addressed. To spare you the 7 hours, let’s hop right into it!

1. What Are We Curious About?

We must ask ourselves, “What are we curious about?” It’s important that we make time to go out of our comfort zone to wander, explore, and discover new things. As a former record executive and the author of “The Tanning of America”, Steve Stoute says, “Without curiosity, there is no innovation.”

In order to seek purpose internally, we must be curious externally. Be a scientist, poke around, run experiments and tests. We must see what works for us and what doesn’t. It’s the only way to differentiate what we like from what we don’t like. Just because we may be “adults” certainly doesn’t mean that we can no longer explore!

2. Create a List!

Once we’ve gone through the discover phase, it’s important that we create a list of the things we actually enjoy. What interests us the most? Why? Can we invest in it as a hobby? Better yet, how can we go about turning it into something that we can do for a living? These are all essential questions that we definitely must ask ourselves.

3. Ask People What We Are Good At:

Asking people what we are good at is probably one of the best ways to identify our own personal strengths. Once we know what we are good at, it helps us to focus more on the direction most suitable for us to pursue in life. Let’s view it as helping to narrow down our road map. For some people, discovering our passion may be difficult. For others, narrowing down our options may be of more importance. Either way, once we know what we are good at and what we actually enjoy doing, we are then in a better position to discover our passion point(s).

How Did I Find My Passion?

When I was a child, I was infatuated with architecture and construction. I would always be amazed at how structures were built and developed. I loved playing with legos more than anything else. I was enamored with the idea of connecting little tiny pieces of plastic together in an effort to form a finished product. As I had grown older, I eventually gravitated over to drawing, playing sports, and creating music. Today, my creative outlet is essentially a combination of all of my childhood endeavors. Instead of connecting legos and building blocks, I connect people and build brands.

Find your PASSION! #ALOVERSAmbition


(Uh • Kway • Us) Aquaus Kelley is a forward-thinking Brand Strategist, Educator, and Music Publisher. As the Founder of A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group, he specializes in identifying talent and creating opportunities for brand development, exposure, and growth. Aquaus has worked with companies and organizations such as Cornerstone Agency, City Year Miami, Universal Music Group, and W Hotels. He is extremely passionate about helping companies adapt to culture and building value between brands and their consumers centered around love. His ultimate mission is to use his influence to project positivity across the globe and invest in the collective future of society through the arts, education, entertainment, and leadership.